Implement a Corporate Wellness Program

Applying Evidence-based knowledge to:


  1. Improve Employee Productivity and Retention
  2. Improve Customer and Public Relations
  3. Improve Well being and Job Satisfaction
  4. Decrease Sick Days and Employee Absenteeism
  5. Lower Health care related costs
  6. Decrease Stress and Distractions
  7. Respond to Employee Depression and Trauma
  8. Provide an accessible source of health & wellness knowledge.

Nurse Pearson has been providing community education and operating outreach clinics for over 10 years and has been a professionally Registered Nurse for over 20 years.

Workshops and Consultation Services Include

  • Corporate wellness Kick off Training
  • HR and Management Train the Trainer Facilitation
  • Implementing a culture of wellness
  • Diabetes prevention and┬álifestyle disease prevention training
  • Health Diet and Nutrition training
  • Mental wellness and Stress Mitigation Training
  • Employee Email/Newsletter with links to additional resources
  • Implementation of wellness hotline resources

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