About me

My Journey

In 1992 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer that claimed many lives today and is a financial burden to the healthcare industry. Two surgeries after I started searching for alternative solutions. My journey led me on a path of discovering alternative treatment modalities that complements modern treatment technologies and other natural functional lifestyle practices that promote wellness and has kept me alive and healthy today. Almost 30 years later, as a Masters prepared Registered Nurse I am promoting functional, unconventional therapies that are backed by evidence-based science and works to promote healing and advance wellness. Using this method I have helped hundreds of patients to recover from illness, move away from chemical treatment modalities and restore health to normalcy using natural healing methods that are easier on the pocketbook, kinder to the body and most importantly that work to restore health.

Today, I am a Clinical Nursing Management professional with over Fifteen (16) years’ experience as an Inter-cultural and Trans-cultural Professional Registered Nurse providing direct and indirect patient care and disease management. Certified in Health Law as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Transformational Healthy Lifestyle Coach; current NHSC Ambassador & 2017 Medical School Seat holder.

My Mission: Promoting spiritual, physical and psycho-social healing, providing culturally sensitive, competent care and education services, preserving dignity and producing value