December 2, 2016

Professional Profile

Patresha Pearson MSN, BSN, RN, CLNC

Mobile: (760) 402-6788


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Mission Statement: Promoting healing, providing hope, preserving dignity and producing value

OBJECTIVE: To promote a Culturally competent, holistic Nursing Profession providing superior education, and Magnet level patient care; leveraging my years of experience both as a Clinical RN and as director of a health and environmental education program, complemented by my Masters in Nursing leadership education, empowering and challenging students & staff abilities toward excellence & raising the bar for a culturally competent, sensitive nursing profession, while meeting the needs of a diverse population.


2015:MSN: Nursing Leadership & Healthcare Management: Scientific Research Methods, Healthcare System Management, HR Mgnt & Recruiting, Magnet Status Innovation, JAHCO/HC Standardization & Compliance, Evidence-based Practices, Community/Population Health, Quantitative/Qualitative data analysis procedures, Health information system instrumentation/management, Systems’ and change analysis, Quality Improvement, Staffing Development, Educational Strategies

  • 2014- BSN: Bachelors in Advance Nursing Leadership in Sciences
  • 2001- ADN Associate in Nursing
  • 2016- Certified Legal (Health Law) Nurse Consultant


  • Multiple Compact States PRN License (Domiciled in AZ State) # RN 127955
  • California State PRN License # 6313234


2007- Present: Executive Director: Pearson(GREPA) Health & Environmental Educational services

  • Manage Health and Environmental Education and Technical Assistance Program, develop educational standards and implement instructional strategies, provide community service assistance, public health education, technical financial and managerial assistance to rural and tribal communities, addressed regulatory compliance related issues, conduct health and sanitary deficiency inspections in several communities;  enhanced economic sustainability, improved and protected the health of hundreds of families within disadvantaged communities
  • Integrated strategic plans and managed sub contracts and government grant project activities associated with the Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality, California Dept of Public Health, USEPA, and USHHS.
  • Using Multimedia technology, developed and presented diverse student focussed educational curriculum via classroom trainings to health and environmental technicians
  • Provide training to community decision makers, boards, & managers as well as practitioners and operations staff in the areas of community health, compliance, operations, technology, and financial
  • Conduct reporting , maintain relevancy and accuracy in regulatory reporting and information procedures, document outcomes of grant funded projects, resulting in project efficiency
  • Perform Community Health Needs Assessments, utilization review, data analysis/information management, manage grants, contracts, budget and projects; act as liaison collaborating with community agencies, develop and manage defined community health improvement activities and events, supervise/train staff; meet grant contract funded project deliverables and objectives on schedule and within budget

2001- 2007: Professional Registered Nurse (Travel)

  • Delivered individualized direct and indirect patient-centered care (from admission to discharge) in various clinical settings across the USA providing; Medical-Surgical, Ortho, Mental Health, Gerontologic, Rehab care as well as staff oversight & development
  • Identified and implemented clinical practice, consistent with the Nurse Practice Act; applied the nursing process in addressing complex physical, social, and psycho-social health issues, using analytical skills, critical thinking, nursing judgement and creativity
  • Prepared and disseminated health education, provided support services to patents/family members
  • Actively participated in data collection, analysis and diagnostic evaluation, medical team collaboration, planning, implementation of compassionate care to patients and family members during varying disease processes, evaluated patient data outcomes against wellness benchmarks, interpreted findings in terms of evidence-based standards of practice in the clinical settings; contributed to quality improvements, reduced readmission rate.
  • Leveraged technological solutions to enhance data flow processes, implement organizational strategies, improve quality of care, enhance safety, and to maximize financial management within the health care environment
  • Coordinated, developed, managed, educated nursing and support staff personnel to improve care outcomes and decrease rehospitalization return rate
  • Collaborated with physicians, medical personnel and interdisciplinary teams with positive  outcomes
  • Maintained integrity and modelled professional conduct


  • 2013- Epidemiological research :- Global/Community Health, Population Health and disease pathophysiology
  • 2015- Capstone Project:-Barriers to Effective Interdisciplinary/Nursing Communication and its impact on positive, quality care outcomes. (Sponsored by the AZNA )


  • 2014: Ombudsman Volunteer: AZ “Area Agency for Aging”: investigate violations/reports in Long-term care health facilities; measuring conformity in patient care practices, against federal/state regulations/Practice Acts
  • 2014: Medical Missionary Nurse- Travelled to Philippines- provided education & medical care services to several villages
  • 2015- Health Care Provider-Volunteer: Conducted Community Healthcare Assessment and provided free direct patient care in a clinical setting:
  • 2015: Medical Missionary Nurse: Travelled to South America- provided services to 100+ prisoners/staff & many Villages;
  • 2016: Team Supervisor of free medical services event  for underserved, with AZ Sonshine in Prescott AZ.
  • 2016: Board Chair:  Serve as a current board member in a Non-Profit Organization
  • Current NHSC Med Student Ambassador


  • Administrative and culturally competent student focussed educational skills
  • Enthusiasm detail oriented goal focused Agent of Change – emanating fresh perspective and creativity
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite – word, excel, power-point, database management
  • Full spectrum clinical nursing skills with ability to collaborate/integrate processes with medical personnel
  • Community outreach and development strategies- health promotion an service provision
  • Quantitative and qualitative research procedures, data collection and analysis methods
  • Curriculum development, training techniques and content delivery
  • Public speaking, -Good command of English written and verbal communication strategies/basic Spanish
  • Project management, task delegation, projection/objective promotion, and products delivery
  • Talent Identification, management and empowerment
  • Creating and facilitating a culture of safety, sensitivity and competence
  • Writing and composition – veteran in using internet/social media to promote causes and advertise events. Expert E-zine author: published several professional articles on LinkedIn as well as other platforms
  • Outreach Missionary Nurse Volunteer:Provide musical performances to infirmed patients and inmates
  • Leading by example- empowering and inspiring others to standards of excellence